While digging through the vaults, I’ve discovered a manuscript fragment from a lost Disney work, a musical called “Donny Trumppins”. I’ve only discovered one song so far, but it’s possible there will be more. Super ego-fragile-istic extra-braggadocious  Donny: I’m super ego-fragile-istic extra-braggadocious Even though my hairpiece looks Particularly atrocious I always say it loud enough So […]

Of course you’d expect a writer to say “respect the text,” but I’ve got to say, it really makes a difference.  I saw the musical Pippin last night, and I came away thoroughly confused by the the penultimate number. The Lead Player is trying to convince Pippin to go out in a blaze of glory. […]

Dear spiders, It is well-known that there are those of your kinsmen who enjoy an early morning peregrination through the vast, cool expanses of porcelain and fiberglass that encompass the washroom. Among these so-called “shower spiders,” is one Stavros. You may have encountered him recently, spinning a tale of being wondrously transported far afield in […]

Thanks to the miracle of U-Haul, I’m now in Montana, and the number of theatre productions in town is noticeably smaller than when I was in New Orleans. Nonetheless, I did managed to find a production of Twelfth Night nearby, and I was happy to attend, since it’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I found […]

Aside from working on an MFA, one of the reasons I was looking forward to university life was the prospect of meeting academic women. After all, smart is sexy. What I failed to consider was that most of my fellow students would be twenty-somethings, which means they’re about half my age. Not wanting to be […]

At the graduate banquet, where all the new MFAs have a chance to read from their work and make a few statements, I joked that going through the writing program was a little like being the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. You make new friends, have adventures, dance and sing with people who are […]

I the nearly three years I’ve spent in New Orleans, I’ve seen at least 150 plays, well over 200 if you count all the ten-minute plays at Southern Rep’s 6×6 series. I wanted to reflect on a few of them to see what made them stand out. The Top Five These made my list because […]


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