Pledge drive

fb-header-lcnpfImagine a living in small Montana town where most of the theatre-viewing opportunities are either musicals or shows written decades ago. Now, there’s nothing wrong with musicals, and to become a classic, a show needs time to age. But that removes a lot of vibrant theatre opportunities from the picture.

Last year, the Experimental Theatre Cooperative started a new play festival, and brought the work of local writers to town with a 10-day program. This year, as Associate Producer (and playwright), I’m helping to make the second iteration even better. We’ve doubled the number of writers with projects, and we’re looking at renting a space to perform in.

We’ve started an IndieGogo campaign to raise money for the festival. We’ll produce the LCNPF even if we don’t raise a single dollar, but if you contribute, we won’t be out of pocket for renting the space, making it performance-ready, printing posters, etc. And, we might even be able to pay a little bit to the actors and directors who are giving their time and working so hard to put the program together. Of course, we’ll be selling tickets as well, but most theatre companies have a working stage, and don’t have the overhead of finding a space to convert for a one-a-year event, so we don’t expect that to cover our costs.

Please consider helping out with a donation to Fund the Fest!


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