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Try this. Go out and ask people who the top five most influential Christians were, and see how many people mention Constantine.  Unless you’re exceedingly fortunate, probably no one will.  A sad indication of how few people know any history of  religion. But without him, things would be a lot different, and he should be […]

Intimacy – the best part of live theatre

Take a story about mental illness and psycho-pharmacology, add a rock musical score, throw in some family drama, and a lot of heart and you’ll have “Next to Normal”. (It also won three Tonys and the Pulitzer Prize.) Southern Rep is about to open it’s take on Next to Normal. I was at the preview […]


New Orleans has left its mark. In nine months, I’ve taken three writing seminars, read twenty plays (half of them Shakespeare), written two of my own, and seen over three dozen on-stage (including the shorter works at the Fringe Festival). I’ve written some academic research papers, had a play published, attended a few poetry readings, […]


I thought I was done Shakes-blogging for a while, but the UNO theatre department is producing The Taming of the Shrew this week and so I had to check it out. This is not my favorite show, by any stretch, but I figured I should try and give it the benefit of the doubt. The […]