Monthly Archives: October 2012

We happy few

Being that it is Saint Crispin’s Day, I spent some time listening to a few versions of the famous speech in Henry V, and I was surprised at how radically different they seemed.  The touchstone modern performance is Kenneth Branagh’s, from the 1989 production. To my modern ear, this sounds right. It’s cinematic and calls […]

Hug a librarian today

Earlier this year, I started doing research for a play, and I ran across the proceedings of a conference that had been dedicated to the topic I was interested in.  It had been held in Prague several years ago, and a copy of published journal was now selling for hundreds of dollars, so I filed […]

Binary weapon

On the right, an ISI soda siphon, on the left, homemade ginger syrup. Together, a killer combination. I like ginger. A lot. And I want to feel the kick. Most American ginger ale is wimpy stuff. Overly sugary and not enough ginger to make you bat an eyelash. There are exceptions: Blenheim’s Old #3 (red […]

First seminar read

A milestone, of sorts. I just had my first in-class reading and comment cycle. I got a lot of good feedback from the professor and my colleagues. It tended to confirm my impression that what I’m doing is a bit unwieldy but I has happy to discover that people were interested none the less.  I’ll […]

Tradition. Tradition!

We’ve been spending a lot of time recently outside what our professor calls “the narrative tradition”. This is the familiar story-telling form, with all the Aristotelian comforts of plot, character, theme, etc.  (Interestingly, he won’t put Shakespeare or other drama from that period in the narrative tradition, and has not as yet, given me a […]

Evolution in Action

You just sat down to dinner, and in addition to that lovely plate of food in front of you, there’s a glass of wine, as well. While that wine makes everything a little more pleasurable, what your body needs is the food and it could get by without the wine at all. Trying to flip […]

Lit / crit

Literature: Organized violence committed on ordinary speech. — Roman Jakobson