Monthly Archives: June 2013

Bloomsday in Dublin

[Apologies, the mobile version of WP won’t let me embed the photos where I wanted them.] I spent Bloomsday perambulating about Dublin and managed to hit several spots of note. I started at the Joyce Center around 10:30am, and found that while things were gearing up there, the Center itself wasn’t going to be open […]


If anyone suggests you could try to cram half a years worth of university credits into a single month, walk away slowly, because that person is the devil. I signed up for 9 semester units abroad, which sounded both like fun and like a bargain, since for me, it’s actually cheaper than out of state […]

A Short Play

SAMUEL BECKETT TAKES ACID Ross Peter Nelson CHARACTERS B                                             Male. Late fifties. SETTING A room. TIME 1962. (The room is empty except for a wooden table and chair. A charcter indentified only as B, but who is actually Samuel Beckett enters the room with a glass of water, which he sets on the table. B takes […]