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Never Give Up, Never Surrender

The (galaxy) quest to get a play produced can be a long, slow, slog. I first mentioned writing about astronomer Tycho Brahe back in 2012. I finished finished the first draft in December of that year. After a few months of revising, I sent it out, and City Lights Theatre in San Jose, CA selected […]

Pledge drive

Imagine a living in small Montana town where most of the theatre-viewing opportunities are either musicals or shows written decades ago. Now, there’s nothing wrong with musicals, and to become a classic, a show needs time to age. But that removes a lot of vibrant theatre opportunities from the picture. Last year, the Experimental Theatre […]

Coffee-table Macbeth

Visually speaking, the 2015 Macbeth by director Justin Kurzel is stunning. I can recall dozens of images from the film that I’d love to have as photographs. There are easily enough of those images to fill a book, and one I’d happily display. However, as a drama, the film loses touch with Shakespeare’s story. It […]

Understanding a reaction

The first time I saw Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile, I went in to the theatre excited and came out disappointed. But I never quite understood why. Was it because I was in the wrong mood? Did I have expectations that were too high? Did I subconsciously want a Steve Martin comedy routine […]

What the Dickens?

Talk about timing. Just after I tallied up the plays I’d seen in New Orleans last season, the Theatre Communications Group released its tally of most frequently produced plays for the 2015-2016 across the US. That gives me a chance to compare what I saw with whats going on in the rest of the US […]

Bury the Classics

A few days ago, playwright Brian Friel passed away. I recognized the name, but it didn’t ring any strong bells, so when I read the New York Times obituary, which lauded him as “the Irish Chekhov,” I was shocked. Not that they’d use that phrase, but shocked that I’d be so unfamiliar with the work […]

The text! The text!

Of course you’d expect a writer to say “respect the text,” but I’ve got to say, it really makes a difference.  I saw the musical Pippin last night, and I came away thoroughly confused by the the penultimate number. The Lead Player is trying to convince Pippin to go out in a blaze of glory. […]

Questions about directing

Thanks to the miracle of U-Haul, I’m now in Montana, and the number of theatre productions in town is noticeably smaller than when I was in New Orleans. Nonetheless, I did managed to find a production of Twelfth Night nearby, and I was happy to attend, since it’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I found […]

Three years of theatre

I the nearly three years I’ve spent in New Orleans, I’ve seen at least 150 plays, well over 200 if you count all the ten-minute plays at Southern Rep’s 6×6 series. I wanted to reflect on a few of them to see what made them stand out. The Top Five These made my list because […]

The small pleasures of DIY theatre

Today, among other things, I created two puppets, edited some music, created a (fake) company logo, and cobbled together a “tail” out of fake fur and rope. None of these things are jobs that I normally do, and it’s one of the creative aspects of play-making that I find enjoyable. Using Photoshop and Audacity give […]