Monthly Archives: September 2012

I will speak to you of tablets and clouds

O notes of mine, where are you roaming? How shall I, your scholar manage them That hath tech both high and low. So sings the modern-day Feste. Papers, books, mail attachments: my class documents come in all forms. Handwritten notes, emails from the professor, MS Word files from other students, PDFs from the research databases.  […]

Mitt Romney’s “Let them eat cake” moment*

Mitt Romney has gotten a lot bad press lately. Mostly it’s been well-deserved, as he’s essentially called 47% of Americans parasites on the body politic, and someone who’s trying to project corporate know-how and techno-leadership shouldn’t be wondering why you can’t roll down windows in airplanes. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt as […]

More soup

The quest to define art continues.  Books are read, papers are written. My personal opinion is that it’s art if someone says it is (provided it’s human-created, not just nature in the raw).  Getting a definition out of the way lets you then focus on good vs. bad art, rather than the more pointless “is […]

Soup. Art.

In my class “Form and Idea in Media”, we’ve started to tackle the question of “What is art?”  This turns out, rather like herding cats or nailing jello to a tree, to be a rather tricky proposition.  I supposed we could just bag it all together, but, the professor hectors us, “You want to call […]