Never Give Up, Never Surrender

tycho_braheThe (galaxy) quest to get a play produced can be a long, slow, slog. I first mentioned writing about astronomer Tycho Brahe back in 2012. I finished finished the first draft in December of that year. After a few months of revising, I sent it out, and City Lights Theatre in San Jose, CA selected it for a public staged reading. Based on the comments, I rewrote some sections, and then in languished until last May, when the NYC company In the Water picked it up for a reading. Again, I got some good feedback that I tried to incorporate.

Since then, it’s gathered dozens of rejections letters and one “close but no cigar” when it ended up on the semifinalist list at the O’Neil National Theatre Conference. Two directors have also been interested, but both projects fell through. Last Friday, I received notice from the Gulfshore Playhouse, that Tycho’s Fool will be featured in their New Works Festival.

While the play has still not achieved a full production, the Gulfshore festival feels very different from any other readings I’ve had because they’re putting a lot of energy into the development process. They’re flying me out to Florida to work with the cast and crew for a week before the performance. I’ll have a chance to ask questions and see where problem areas crop up, and they encourage making changes as we go along, to make the piece that goes before the audience the best it can be.

Five years later, there’s still hope this piece will find a home, and I’m grateful for all the help along the way.

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