Monthly Archives: July 2012

Why we write

The other day I was at a dinner party for a local theatre company that has performed a couple of my pieces.  When introduced as a playwright, various people asked what I had written, and it was of course great fun to hear people exclaim “Oh, you wrote that?” But it’s not the (admittedly gratifying) […]

First full-length reading

Everything has finally come into place for the reading of Bones.  It’s my first full-length play. Well, the first one that I’ll admit to.  This play, along with an earlier one-act, constituted my portfolio for admission to the UNO creative writing program, and to see it live with an audience feels like a big deal. […]

The mirror

It is my hope in the creation of this site, to hold up a mirror to a transformation: the transformation of me into a writer. For over three decades, I’ve worked in the tech industry as a software engineer and computer scientist. Now, I am about to embark on a (possibly quixotic) journey to obtain […]

In Which I Am Multiplied

The heresy has begun. A page added to the library of Babel.  An image of myself reflected digitally throughout the network. An illusion perpetuated that I exist.