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Tuba Facts

Oompa, Nordic tuba goddess The origins of the tuba are recorded in the Icelandic legends recorded by Snorri Eyraksson. In particular, Keflavik’s Saga recounts the tale of Oompa, who was first cousin, twice-removed to Heimdal, guardian of the rainbow bridge into Asgard, and who created the first tuba. Oompa loved a mortal named Nils, who […]

Othello: Racism, paranoia, and melodrama

While Othello gets lumped in with the tragedies, that’s really only because the protagonist kills himself after killing his wife. Sure, it makes the audience cry, but you could do that just as easily by killing puppies or kittens. And isn’t that the very basis of melodrama, appeal to the emotions via machinations of plot? […]

What’s Up With Hamlet?

I can’t figure Hamlet out.  The character, I mean, not the play. His behavior is so confusing, you sometimes have to wonder just what Shakespeare was smoking. At the beginning of the play, Hamlet is dejected, tearful, and cloaked in black. This isn’t unreasonable. He’s lost his father, and seems to be pointedly contrasting himself […]