Monthly Archives: August 2012

Enter Isaac

Hurricanes are strange things. If you see them on a radar map, they’re huge, dwarfing entire states.  And yet, they lumber along at a mere 15 miles/hour; given enough endurance, you could outrun one on a bicycle.  But they are relentless, and unless you’re capable of Tour de France -level endurance, they will eat up […]

Learning to read

Yesterday, my American Drama class had its first discussion. The topic was August Wilson’s Fences. I definitely took a lesson from the talk, and it wasn’t from the professor, but from one of my fellow students:  I need to learn how to read. Or more precisely, I need to learn how to read like some […]

It Gets Real

OK, I’ve got an ID, a parking permit, a stack of books, 100+ pages of reading to do, and a couple of writing assignments.  I’m officially a student. I’ve also had a taste of my first two classes as part of the MFA program.  Coincidentally, both are taught by Justin Maxwell, an instructor recently imported […]

Why We Write (II)

I have some very supportive friends who are almost always willing to be dragged to one of my plays, and usually seem amused or entertains, or are at least gracious enough to let me think so.  Naturally, when my first full-length play was being read, they were one of the first couples to get an […]

Roller Coaster

Last night, I had my first full-length staged reading. I’d never experienced that level of existential panic before. With a one-act, there’s someone else to share the bill, the spotlight, the blame. This time it was just me. The realization that everyone in the theatre was going to go home happy or unhappy, bored or […]

The Big Uneasy

There appears to be a “situation” at UNO, where I’m headed for my MFA program.  The creative writing program there is split into two programs, the full-residency program, which I’m about to attend, and the lo-res option, where students are only on campus for a few weeks. It was announced recently that due to budget […]