Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sexier than you thought

It’s a truism that each generation thinks it has invented sex, and yet, certain eras – the Roaring 20’s, the Belle Époque – have a certain cachet as being sexier than others.  Given it’s association with the virgin queen, the Elizabethan era is not typically on that list. Certainly the rules of the Catholic Church, […]

Thinking in six dimensions

I just “directed” my first piece of theatre.  I put directed in quotes, since it was a mere two minutes long, but it did have three actors, props, background sound, entrances and exits…and it was a very interesting experience. When I’m writing a play, I tend to think in vignettes related to the text more […]

A Pleasant Surprise

As a child of the computer era, I’m thrilled with the ever-shrinking electronics that have given us things the tablet computers and iPhones. I use them for managing my calendar, my contacts, photos, documents, and all sorts of things. As a writer, however, I find that using the on-screen virtual keyboard is unacceptable for creating […]


  I’m uploading one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips, not because the weather is currently lovely here in New Orleans, but because I recently succumbed to an Amazon ad and downloaded The Essential Calvin and Hobbes onto my iPad. I read the entire thing in one sitting, delaying dinner several times, as I laughed […]