Monthly Archives: March 2013

As the Globe Turns

In 1608, a new play graced the stage of the Globe Theatre in London. Shakespeare’s latest, Pericles: Prince of Tyre was an immediate hit. It’s rarely seen these days, because frankly, it’s a total soap opera: salacious, silly, and completely full of unbelievable coincidences. The hero is Prince Pericles, and his first adventure is to […]


John Biguenet’s new play Mold is premiering at Southern Rep this month, and I was invited to the “bloggers’ night” preview on Thursday. The play opens as a young couple, Trey and Marie, returns to New Orleans one year after Katrina. They escaped to Houston, but Trey’s parents stayed behind and died when the levees […]

Send in the Clown

Did you ever watch the death scene in Romeo and Juliet and think to yourself, what this scene really needs is a clown? Apparently Shakespeare did, since he added one when the re-wrote the scene. No, I don’t have a newly discovered manuscript of R&J.  What I’ve been reading is the text of Antony and […]

Psychopaths are boring

The post title is a quote from playwright and filmmaker Martin McDonagh, recent movie Seven Psychopaths. I tend to agree. Based on TV-shows and movies, you’d think our streets are crawling with serial killers. McDonagh tries to liven things up by throwing a boatload of them together, but the results are mixed. Most enjoyable are […]

The Devil Made Me Do It

If you’re discussing Shakespeare’s infamous “Scottish play,” and ask why Macbeth killed King Duncan, most people will say that he was an ambitious, scheming bastard, with an ambitious scheming wife. Both those things are true, but if you look at the text closely there’s something interesting going on. But first, a little history. Shakespeare stole […]

Lear’s Two Fools

Much has been made about the disappearance of the Fool in King Lear. He is an almost constant presence in the first half of the play, then speaks his last line in Act III, scene vi, and is never seen again. No reason is given.  Some productions interpolate a scene between and III.vii where […]