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Why Tycho?

Since Tycho’s Fool will be appearing as part of the New Works Festival at the Gulfshore Playhouse, they asked me to describe what prompted me to write a play about that particular topic. I described the initial impetus in this blog back in 2012, but I went into a little more detail this time. Here’s the […]

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

The (galaxy) quest to get a play produced can be a long, slow, slog. I first mentioned writing about astronomer Tycho Brahe back in 2012. I finished finished the first draft in December of that year. After a few months of revising, I sent it out, and City Lights Theatre in San Jose, CA selected […]

The Sound of Hairballs

(with apologies to Paul Simon) Hello darkness, my old friend I’m up at 5am again Because a creature softly creeping Coughed one up while I was sleeping And that rhythmic hacking noise Brings no joys I hear the sound of hairballs Under the sheets I lie afraid Of the sticky mess he’s made Before my […]

Made the News

My work has been reviewed before, but either in community papers, or for shorter, one-act works. Today, my full-length play, Becoming Number Six, got reviewed in a New Orleans paper, and I’m quite proud. If I were blurbing, I’d highlight “Cerebral,” “Keeps the audience intellectually engaged,” and “Plenty of humor within the intrigue.” The reviewer […]

You’re the Tits

A friend of min recently thanked a group of us with the exclamation, “You’re the tits!” The premise being, I assume, that tits are wonderful so we were all wonderful as well. Oddly, the first thing that came to my mind (well, maybe not the very first thing), was Cole Porter. Her line has the exact […]

Pledge drive

Imagine a living in small Montana town where most of the theatre-viewing opportunities are either musicals or shows written decades ago. Now, there’s nothing wrong with musicals, and to become a classic, a show needs time to age. But that removes a lot of vibrant theatre opportunities from the picture. Last year, the Experimental Theatre […]

All in the timing

Anti-fascist. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? A label most of us would be proud to bear. Now, how about this one? Premature anti-fascist. Feeling a little cognitive dissonance? Wondering what sort of oxymoron that is supposed to be? I recently came across this designation while reading Studs Terkel’s marvelous oral history, “The […]