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Pledge drive

Imagine a living in small Montana town where most of the theatre-viewing opportunities are either musicals or shows written decades ago. Now, there’s nothing wrong with musicals, and to become a classic, a show needs time to age. But that removes a lot of vibrant theatre opportunities from the picture. Last year, the Experimental Theatre […]

In which the author is revealed to be a food snob

I had just stopped at the grocery store. When the checker saw my items, she exclaimed, “Oooh, puff pastry! What are you going to make? I said, “Galette des rois.” And she blinked. And said nothing. So I described the galette. “I used to use puff pastry to make Tater Tot casserole,” she said, “You […]

Tweed Skirt, Long CV

Aside from working on an MFA, one of the reasons I was looking forward to university life was the prospect of meeting academic women. After all, smart is sexy. What I failed to consider was that most of my fellow students would be twenty-somethings, which means they’re about half my age. Not wanting to be […]

A piece of paper wasn’t sufficient

At the graduate banquet, where all the new MFAs have a chance to read from their work and make a few statements, I joked that going through the writing program was a little like being the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. You make new friends, have adventures, dance and sing with people who are […]

The small pleasures of DIY theatre

Today, among other things, I created two puppets, edited some music, created a (fake) company logo, and cobbled together a “tail” out of fake fur and rope. None of these things are jobs that I normally do, and it’s one of the creative aspects of play-making that I find enjoyable. Using Photoshop and Audacity give […]


There’s nothing like producing a show to teach a lesson on the economics of theatre.  As I mentioned before, I was interested enough in getting some work on stage to go the DIY route.  I’m happy to announce that after all expenses were paid, we cleared $21.40. Now, in many ways, this is worth celebrating, […]

DIY Theatre

Many of the schools I considered when applying for my MFA include production of the thesis as part of the process. UNO, unfortunately, does not. Because of this, I’ve been finding myself more involved with the local community and engaging with theatre-makers all over the city. In particular, I’ve been working with Southern Rep, which […]

Write more / write less

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, I’ve now had two staged readings (of different plays) in under a week’s time.  It’s interesting to compare the two experiences.  I wrote about the earlier performance last week, so now I feel obligated to comment on this one. The most recent reading was two days ago, at City Lights […]

What the audience wants

At school on Thursday, I had a staged reading of my most recent piece, Becoming Number Six. The story follows a mother whose son is flirting with an anonymous hacker organization called Incognito, and a shadowy government spy agency who puts pressure on the family in hopes of forcing the hackers to reveal themselves. I though […]

Don’t tell anyone, but I hate King Cake

Around this time of year (actually for the entire period between Epiphany and Fat Tuesday), residents of New Orleans go mad for King Cake. Imagine a dense, dinner plate-sized cinnamon bun injected full of gooey substances like cream cheese and chocolate pudding and loaded up with fistfuls of colored crystalized sugar and a dead baby. […]