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Questions about directing

Thanks to the miracle of U-Haul, I’m now in Montana, and the number of theatre productions in town is noticeably smaller than when I was in New Orleans. Nonetheless, I did managed to find a production of Twelfth Night nearby, and I was happy to attend, since it’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I found […]

Three years of theatre

I the nearly three years I’ve spent in New Orleans, I’ve seen at least 150 plays, well over 200 if you count all the ten-minute plays at Southern Rep’s 6×6 series. I wanted to reflect on a few of them to see what made them stand out. The Top Five These made my list because […]

The small pleasures of DIY theatre

Today, among other things, I created two puppets, edited some music, created a (fake) company logo, and cobbled together a “tail” out of fake fur and rope. None of these things are jobs that I normally do, and it’s one of the creative aspects of play-making that I find enjoyable. Using Photoshop and Audacity give […]


There’s nothing like producing a show to teach a lesson on the economics of theatre.  As I mentioned before, I was interested enough in getting some work on stage to go the DIY route.  I’m happy to announce that after all expenses were paid, we cleared $21.40. Now, in many ways, this is worth celebrating, […]

DIY Theatre

Many of the schools I considered when applying for my MFA include production of the thesis as part of the process. UNO, unfortunately, does not. Because of this, I’ve been finding myself more involved with the local community and engaging with theatre-makers all over the city. In particular, I’ve been working with Southern Rep, which […]

Fringe wrap

The New Orleans Fringe Festival is a time of much theatre and little sleep, with show schedules running until midnight followed by an “afterparty” at a different location every night of the festival. I didn’t get to see quite as many shows as I would have liked this year, because I was working the box […]

venus in fur

I was more than a little annoyed by the ending of David Ives’s Venus in Fur when I saw it last year at Southern Rep. It seemed like a gimmicky, deus-ex-machina cop-out. So when Roman Polanski’s film version showed up in my Netflix queue, I wasn’t inclined to watch. However, the film got very high […]