Four Early 20th Century Playwrights Walk Into A Room…

We’ve been going through the dramatic styles of the early 20th century in my Radical Theatre class.  I believe I can now distinguish between them using two objects, as follows.

Assume each of the playwrights walks into a room containing only a dictionary and a blender:

  • The Dadaist will put the dictionary into the blender.
  • The Surrealist will read the dictionary backwards while wearing the blender.
  • The Absurdist will relabel the dictionary as “Blender Instruction Manual”.
  • The Futurist will kneel on the dictionary and worship the blender.



One comment

  1. I agree with most of your analysis except on one point: I believe, sir, the Dadaist would instead act out attempting to put the blender into the dictionary.

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