If anyone suggests you could try to cram half a years worth of university credits into a single month, walk away slowly, because that person is the devil. I signed up for 9 semester units abroad, which sounded both like fun and like a bargain, since for me, it’s actually cheaper than out of state tuition, even considering air fare.

However, to actually earn that many credits, one needs to spend every daylight hour in the classroom. On top of that, since this is an MFA writing program, two evenings a week are dedicated to readings at a local pub. This leaves three week day evenings to a) read 8 novels, b) write 2 research papers, c) memorize a part in a play, d) read two 30-page scripts every day and review them, and e) write a full-length play. One could, of course, do homework on weekends, but not if one has signed up to actually tour the country one is visiting.

Most of my fellow students where bright enough to only take 3 or 6 credits. The rest are living on some combination of stimulants and alcohol. I predict a plane load of zombies will be arriving in New Orleans in a few weeks time.



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