You call yourself a nerd?

picard-facepalmTradition has it that the A/V guys (and they’re always guys) are the nerds on campus, amirite? The guys so into electronics that it’s their pleasure to reboot computers, hook up projectors and the like?

We had a serious case of nerd failure today in my Shakespeare class. The professor wanted to show some scenes from movie adaptations of Shakespeare, and our room, being a modern classroom, is equipped with a video projector in the ceiling. So  she had reserved a DVD player in the room for our period with the A/V team.

When class starts, they’ve wheeled in an ancient CRT-style TV with a DVD player plugged in. The professor wants to use the big projector, not a little TV screen, so she phones for help. Meanwhile, one of the other students and I have jumped up to try and fix the problem. She and I being the class nerds, apparently. She disconnects the TV while I locate the wall plug and input selector for the projector and voila, we’ve got the unit displaying on the pull-down projection screen over the chalkboard.

Meanwhile, the A/V guy has arrived, and not wanting to acknowledge that we’ve solved the problems, takes over from my classmate and I. He diagnoses that there is something wrong with the remote. How? By pointing it at the screen and attempt to hit play. He’s aiming the remote not at the DVD player but the projection screen.

Now anyone can have a brain fart, a misfire, so I tell him he needs to redirect the remote signal at the DVD, not the screen. He doesn’t get it, so I take the remote, and aim it at the player and suggest it will work better if the is aimed at something electronic rather than a reflective surface. We get a picture on screen. The professor is happy and wants to start at a specific scene in the movie.

The A/V guy, now facing the right direction, takes the remote from me and brings up the scene selection menu and then claims, once again, that the remote doesn’t work, because the film won’t start when he presses the play button. I gently suggest that he needs to hit the enter key to select the scene and not play, but he won’t listen, and goes back to the main menu to start the film at the beginning and tells the professor she’ll have to fast forward.

I object, but she’s just happy to have video and so the A/V guy exits, I sigh and return to my seat, and the professor begins to forward through the DVD.


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