First seminar read

A milestone, of sorts. I just had my first in-class reading and comment cycle. I got a lot of good feedback from the professor and my colleagues. It tended to confirm my impression that what I’m doing is a bit unwieldy but I has happy to discover that people were interested none the less.  I’ll probably end up having to re-structure it, but I’m going to complete it in current form and then see what happens.

The nice thing for me was that two people, the professor and a third-year MFA student, both gave page-by-page comments. In other play reading groups that I’ve been in, the work is read aloud and then people comment. In seminar, we read the script at home, write a written commentary on the script, then read the work aloud in class, and have an in-class discussion. Having the script read as literature in addition to the in-class “performance” gives a lot greater depth to the comments, and something I really appreciate.


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