Why We Write (II)

I have some very supportive friends who are almost always willing to be dragged to one of my plays, and usually seem amused or entertains, or are at least gracious enough to let me think so.  Naturally, when my first full-length play was being read, they were one of the first couples to get an invite.

We chatted a bit after the show, but of course, things were quite crazy that night; they went home and I wound things down the with director and actors. I had dinner with my friends  a week later, and was surprised and delighted to have them still talking about the show. Not just the usual congratulations, but discussing the themes, asking questions, describing the moments that had struck them.

I suddenly realized that they were no longer discussing a show that one of their friends had done, but discussing a real piece of theatre. It certainly made my day, if not my whole week!


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