First full-length reading


Everything has finally come into place for the reading of Bones.  It’s my first full-length play. Well, the first one that I’ll admit to.  This play, along with an earlier one-act, constituted my portfolio for admission to the UNO creative writing program, and to see it live with an audience feels like a big deal.

I entered the piece in a new play festival locally, and it didn’t get chosen for the festival, but director Heather Noelle Robinson came to me afterwards and said she’d like to see it done.  I put her in touch with Rachel Bakker, the new play administrator at CLTC, and they worked out a deal.

Casting took much longer than anticipated, because the number of good male actors is apparently much smaller than the number of female actors, and it took time to find a male lead, plus Heather was directing several other pieces both here in California and on the east coast.

City Lights Theatre Company, 529 South Second Street, San Jose, CA. Tuesday, Aug 7 at 8pm.

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