The mirror

It is my hope in the creation of this site, to hold up a mirror to a transformation: the transformation of me into a writer. For over three decades, I’ve worked in the tech industry as a software engineer and computer scientist. Now, I am about to embark on a (possibly quixotic) journey to obtain an MFA in Playwrighting.

Undoubtedly some transformations will occur. I’m one month away from a move to New Orleans. To spend two years alone in a new city, in a part of the country of which I have no knowledge. I’m a westerner, and I’m used to worrying about earthquakes not hurricanes and alligators. I’m used to temperate  summers, not the swampy humidity of the bayou. I grew up in small towns and suburbs and I’ll be trying to learn the urban rhythms of the city. I’ll be going to school with people who are literally a generation younger — in fact, I may be older than much of the faculty.

It’s going to be a trip. Keep an eye on the mirror.

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